Review: Experimental Marine Biology (Chemistry Lessons #5) – Suzannah Nix

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Contemporary Romance, Rom-Com

Author Blurb:
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“Just friends” is all Brooke and Dylan have ever been. (Except for that one night in high school, but they don’t talk about that.) Growing up, he was her protector. Her confidante. The one guy she could always trust.

Now she’s a marine biologist working toward her PhD in California, and he’s an underwear model in New York. Dylan’s only in town for a few days, crashing on Brooke’s couch and repaying the favor by acting as her date to a friend’s wedding.

It was totally an accident she saw him naked.

After that, “just friends” goes out the window in favor of friends with benefits.

It’s all going great…until it isn’t.

Dylan’s got a ticket back to New York at the end of the week, and Brooke may have accidentally broken his heart. Can they navigate these uncharted relationship waters? Or has she tanked her oldest friendship?

What is it?
Experimental Marine Biology is Book 5 of stand alone books in the Chemistry Lessons series
There are currently 5 books in the series.

Release Date:
June 15, 2020

How I got it:
ARC – it’s currently $4.99

As I noted, this is book 5 in a series of standalone books that all have lead females working in STEM fields. For my review of Applied Electromagnetism, click here. I read the others before starting this blog 😉

Considering how much I loved the other books, I was super excited when the email showed up in my inbox that book 5 was coming out, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I love (love, love, love!) that all the women in these books are so smart. We really need more books with smart, crafty, intelligent women.

I liked Brooke right off the bat, and could relate to her crushing on her best guy friend oh-so-well (because how many of us haven’t crushed on the awesomest guy in our life in high school?). I count myself lucky to not say I can also relate to her relationship with her parents, but I know a lot of people who can. And I can also relate to her feelings of super disappointment in her dating life and feeling like it was just easier to be single (I can relate – I didn’t say I was good at it when I was single!).

Enter Dylan. From the get go he just seemed like one of the best people to walk the face of the Earth, and that’s outside of his being a legit underwear model in NYC. I couldn’t wait to see how everything would unfold when he called asking if he could crash on Brooke’s couch for a week.

Here’s where I got a little frustrated, even though I could still somewhat relate. Dylan made it pretty clear he was interested, but Brooke is so caught up in her fears and stubbornly clinging to staying single that she almost loses Dylan before anything ever even happens. And I do get it – truly – after everything her parents put her through, but she had utterly no reason to ever think he wouldn’t be there for her.

Now, before you go judging her too harshly – Brooke is super sweet, fun, and very focused on completing her PhD, all things I like and admire about her. I would honestly be excited to hang out with her if she was a real person because she’s pretty awesome. It’s simply her refusing to give Dylan enough of a chance that got on my nerves. Probably because of how awesome I thought he was.

But, come on, you can’t turn your back on a guy like that, right? And while I won’t give away any major details or (evil people who do) the end! Dylan is smart, and he knows how to make Brooke face things she doesn’t want to, all while being there for her even when she doesn’t realize it, and, really, I think she appreciates him all the more for it in the end. And the end totally melted my heart.

Will I continue the series?
Each of the books are currently $4.99 each.

I’ve already read them all!

Final Thoughts:
I LOVE this series. Just as I did with Applied Electromagnetism I laughed so hard to had to explain myself – or rather hand over my tablet because I couldn’t read it out loud with my daughter listening. Susannah has this amazing way with words that makes the world jump off the page, and her characters are so fleshed out you’d think they were real. I highly recommend reading this entire series – I haven’t been able to put one down yet without grumbling and racing back to it!

How to find it:

Goodreads (Includes links to other sellers)

Find Susannah Nix:

Susannah Nix is a RITA-nominated romance author who lives in Texas with her husband, two ornery cats, and a flatulent pit bull. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, knitting, watching stupid amounts of television, and getting distracted by Tumblr. She is also a power-lifter who can deadlift as much as Captain America weighs.


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