Review: Finders Reapers (New Orleans Nocturnes #5) – Carrie Pulkinen

© Carrie Pulkinen

Paranormal Rom-Com, Comedy, Satire, Humorous Dark Comedy

What is it?
Finder’s Reapers is the fifth book in the new New Orleans Nocturnes Series.
There are 3 books in the series.

Release Date:
August 24, 2020

Author Blurb:
# of Pages (per Amazon): 194

The grim reaper took a vacation…

Now all hell is breaking loose.

With an existential crisis looming over his head, Asher needs a break from reaping souls. But when he leaves his door to the underworld unattended, one escaped ghost threatens to turn the French Quarter into a haven for the hell-bound.

Oh, and that crisis he was trying to escape? Her name is Jasmine Lee, and she could be the death of him.

The literal death of Death. Yep. You heard that right.

There’s no such thing as too dead when it comes to necromancer Jasmine Lee. She’s never met a ghost she can’t tame, but when a thousand ornery spirits descend upon New Orleans, her secret weakness is a recipe for phantasmal disaster.

Holy ghost guts. She’s in trouble.

The unfairly hot reaper is the last person Jasmine wants to work with. But if she doesn’t help Asher wrangle the lost souls back to the underworld, there will be hell to pay.


NOTE: If you haven’t read License to Bite, Shift Happens, and Life’s a Witch, you really should start there. While you could technically read this as a stand alone, it’s really not meant to be and I wouldn’t recommend it!

When I reviewed Life’s a Witch, I truly believed it was the end of the series, so imagine my excited shock when I saw that a new book was coming out! I was downright giddy if I’m honest.

If you’ve read my reviews of the other books, it’s pretty clear I really liked all of them. Honestly? This one’s my favorite, and I didn’t see it coming. I wasn’t sure Sophie and Trace could be beaten as my favorite couple. Bonus? Trace is on the very first page of this book!

Jane, Sophie, and Crimson aren’t really in this book, but I didn’t think about that too much until I just went to write that. Jasmine and Asher aren’t as connected to the three women, so it made sense. Jasmine knows the werewolf pack, as evidenced by Trace and Jax being present right off the bat, and Asher is best friends with our favorite demon from Life’s a Witch, Mike, so we get to catch up with him too.

Jasmine, or Jazz, is a necromancer. We met her previously, but not for long. She helped Crim connect with her mother. And this reanimator of the dead has it bad for the collector of souls of New Orleans. She’s spunky and feisty, yet she’d do anything for those she loves. All the women of this series are people I’d want to hang out with if I could!

Honestly, when Asher was previously introduced I didn’t think a whole lot about him. He seemed to be somewhat of a side character, and he was… at the time. Now he’s the leading man, and oh does he. There’s something about the hard yet soft, caring yet rebellious, hotter-than-sin reaper. To know he’s different from the rest of his kind, to be so drawn to the one being in both the over and underworld who could be the end of him – well, let’s say it was very endearing. In the end, he’s now my favorite of all four of them!

With everything the two of them go through together (Faraday cage dress and ancient pirates, anyone?), how could they not end up together! You know I won’t give away any major spoilers, but there are a couple of doozies in here!

Will I continue the series?
If more of them come out – I’ll be right at the front of the line!

Each of the books are currently $2.99, and free if you have KU.

Final Thoughts:
This series is one of my favorites in a while – they’re great reads when everything in the world seems dark right now. I feel like this book is a little bit of a new chapter in the series, and I’m totally alright with that. These quick reads are addictive, and I can’t get enough of them. Pulkinen has a great way of mixing the paranormal and humor and I’m hooked!

If you’ve gotten this far and haven’t picked up all the books, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Go go go!

How to find it:

Goodreads (Includes links to other sellers)

Find Carrie Pulkinen:


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