Review: Flipping the Bird (Shift Creek #1) – Carrie Pulkinen

© Carrie Pulkinen

Paranormal Rom-Com, Comedy, Satire, Humorous Dark Comedy

What is it?
Flipping the Bird is the first book in the Shift Creek Series

Release Date:
December 15, 2020

Author Blurb:
# of Pages (per Amazon): 192

Her dumpster-diving days are numbered…

Crow shifter Alice Crawford is living her best life as a salvage artist in Texas. But when her city’s namesake, magical stream starts drying up, taking her income with it, she—and everyone else in town—soon find themselves up Shift Creek without a paddle.

When a hot as sin warlock arrives on the scene, Alice thinks he can solve all her problems.

If she can get past his farting familiar.

Warlock Donovan Drake has more secrets than a duck has quacks. His connection to Shift Creek runs deeper than anyone can imagine, and getting turned into a crow the moment he meets Alice is just the beginning of his trouble.

He’s falling head over tail feathers for the feisty bird shifter, and if he’s not careful, he’ll be as exposed as a streaker at the state fair.

Better put your boots on because the shift is getting deep in the Lone Star State!

The next installment of my catching up with reviews is Flipping the Bird – Carrie Pulkinen’s first book in her new Shift Creek series.

DAMN IT, CARRIE!  YOU MADE ME CRY for almost a whole chapter!  

OK, now that that’s out, I LOVE this book!  Alice and Megan are hysterical together, and I connected with Alice more strongly than I do most other characters.  She sure starts out in a pickle, and maybe that’s part of why I immediately bonded with her – it was totally a move I would’ve made in her shoes.  

Donovan, oh, Donovan.  How could you possibly not love him? Tall and yummy, yes, but also sweet and he has brains.  He went through hell before getting to Shift Creek, TX, and you can’t help but feel for him as he learns more and more about his connections and past. He’s probably one of my favorite book boyfriends to date.

Rooting for these two is easy.  Laughing as Carrie describes one after the next of Marty’s instances of flatulence will have you cracking up, as will the antic’s of Alice’s crow.  

I’ve personally never been interested in going to Texas, but if there’s a town like Shift Creek, I might just have to change my mind.  If for no other reason than getting to wander around Shifting Treasures for a while and see what Alice and Megan’s current projects are.  Getting to eat at The Crow’s Nest would just be the icing on the cake.

I often don’t completely love books of this length, finding them to be a little too rushed or like important pieces get left out, but not in this case.  Flipping the Bird reads like a longer book, leaving you only wanting more in the series, not from the book itself.

Since we can’t easily get to Shift Creek, you should totally pick up this book and find out why I not only couldn’t put it down, but got so attached to Alice, Donovan, and the others that the book made me cry (don’t worry, of course, there’s a HEA, but day-um), so you can fall in love with all of them too!

Will I continue the series?
Absolutely. I can’t wait to get my hands on any future Shift Creek books.

This book is currently $3.99, and free if you have KU.

Final Thoughts:
Carrie’s done it again with this new series – I’m enamored with both the characters and the town. Alice and Donovan are completely endearing and draw you into their story like few books can. It’s a quick-read that feel like a long one, and the characters will stick with you past the end of the book. I can’t wait to see more of them in the future!

How to find it:

Goodreads (Includes links to other sellers)

Find Carrie Pulkinen:


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