REVIEW: Sign Steal Deliver: A Paranormal Chick Lit Novel (Gods of Thunder MC) – Carrie Pulkinen

) © Carrie Pulkinen

Paranormal Rom-Com, Comedy, Satire, Men, Women & Relationships Humor

What is it?
Sign Steal Deliver is a book in the Gods of Thunder MC Series

Release Date:
July 22, 2021

Author Blurb:
# of Pages (per Amazon): 216

He may be the god of thieves, but he’s not ready for the one who steals his heart.

Hermes wastes no time falling head over winged sandals for Kat, but following his heart soon lands him in a mess of trouble that only the Fates could see coming.

Kat has stolen both his key and his heart, and he only has twelve hours to find her. If he fails, they’ll both be spending eternity in the underworld.

This book was a little outside my usual reading preferences, as I don’t usually read MC (motorcycle clue) books. I generally find them a little too violent and dark for my taste. However, this offering from Carrie is definitely my kind of MC book.

My mind had a little trouble wrapping around the concept of the gods of Olympus as a motorcycle club, so it took me a little bit to really get going with this book, but I really liked Kat, and the fact that she’s good friends with everyone’s favorite succubus-in-rehabilitation.

Hermes is bored with life outside of the now-closed Olympus. Not even the other gods can keep up with his bike, and many of them now use him as more of a delivery boy than anything close to an equal. When he pushes back and hires a supernatural courier, he never expected it to be a reformed thief who, unbeknownst to him, is also a shifter. She also has her own agenda, but doesn’t plan on falling for him as completely as she does.

This is clearly a Carrie Pulkinen book. There’s no doubt about it, and I say that as a compliment. There are laughs, frustrations, and, of course, angel food cake made by an actual angel. Carrie’s characters are realistic, despite their supernatural status, and you bond with them, getting pulled along on the rollercoaster of their lives. I love it.

And I loved this one too. There were so many little things that made it great. I won’t tell you so you can find them yourself, but definitely go find them!

Will I continue the series?
I have to be honest, and say probably not. I don’t know the other authors and, like I said before, I’m not really into most MC books. But that doesn’t take away how much I liked Carrie’s.

This book is currently $3.99 for Kindle, $9.99 for paperback, and free in KU.

Final Thoughts:
Sign Steal Deliver is the MC book you should read if you aren’t really into MC books, but want to dip your toe into the pool. Carrie’s book mixes bikes with her signature supe style that I can’t get enough of, making for a really good book. It took me a little adjusting to get used to Olympians in the human world, but this book takes you on a great ride that really has you rooting for Hermes and Kat. Give it a try!

How to find it:

Goodreads (Includes links to other sellers)

Find Carrie Pulkinen:


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