Review: Love and Curses (Crescent City Ghost Tours #3) – Carrie Pulkinen

© Carrie Pulkinen

Paranormal Romance

Release Date:
March 28, 2022

# of Pages (per Amazon): 254

From the Author:
If you like haunting mystery and men who would move heaven and earth for the women they love, you’ll adore this steamy, friends-to-lovers, fake marriage romance.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Crescent City Ghost Tours group is back, and this time we (finally!) get a book for Trish!  I’ve been waiting for this since Book 1 and I was so excited.

It’s been a hot minute since our last Ghost Tours book (actually, one year and four months), and, I have to admit, with everything that’s happened in that time, I missed the CCGT group, but I had also forgotten some of the details.  I had to go back into the first two books and look up characters to remember who they were (except Sydney – for some reason she’s totally ingrained in my head) and some of the previous situations.

As always, these books make me want to visit New Orleans, and put forth a pretty high standard to live up to if I ever get the chance!  You can tell just how much Carrie loves the city and it’s contagious.  I want to go to Dat Dog and walk by the houses of the Garden District.  Heck, I want to go on one of the tours and see Blake’s museum, too!

Eric was a somewhat minor character previously, but I’m now SO smitten with him.  He’s just the sweetest, nicest, most thoughtful guy I’ve read in a long time.  And his relationship with his grandmother just makes me love him even more.  Trish’s apprehension over their age difference is understandable, most guys aren’t really looking to settle down at 24, but it did grate on me a little bit.  Maybe that’s just because I’ve done it, though.  He was so good to her, and she appreciated him from the get-go, she just had to get over thinking of him as a “kid.”

We also get to see some of the characters from earlier books that I loved, which made me really happy!  How could you not be happy to see those women?

This might honestly be one of the most feel-good books I’ve read in a long time, which is saying something considering the curse.  As I saw the percentage number going up and up, I found myself wanting it to keep going.  For once I didn’t cry, and I just loved watching Trish and Eric’s story unfolding, despite constantly worrying about what might get uncovered next.

Definitely give this book a read!  
While it could be read by itself, you really should read the first two first. I always suggest reading this whole series, and I still absolutely do!  AND Love and Ghosts is currently free (no guarantee for how long, though!)!

Will I continue the series?
Clearly, I’m in love with this series, so, of course, I plan to read any and all Carrie writes!

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