About Me

Who am I? Good question!

My name is Eryn and I’ve been a book fan as far back as I can remember, all the way back to memories of my mom reading me The Hobbit and The Prydain Chronicles at night before bed with both of us curled up and me trying to stay awake to hear more. As I got older I moved onto reading more and more on my own, mostly in some part of the fantasy realm. I’m not the biggest fan of non-fiction.

Things started to take a turn toward Paranormal Romance (or PNR as we call it) after I read Stardust of Yesterday by Lynn Kurland and the Three Sisters Island trilogy by Nora Roberts (both of which to this day are some of my favorite books). Then, one day when I was in my mid 20’s a friend handed me a copy of Laurell K. Hamilton’s Guilty Pleasures and I was hooked.

These days I read mostly romance, and my favorites are mostly from the PNR world. If you’re curious for examples outside of what I listed above, they would include:
Emigh Cannaday’s Annika Brisby series
Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson, Alpha and Omega, & Raven series
T.L. Clark’s Love Bites duology
Dominique Kristine’s PNRU series
and most books by Sienna Blake

I still read outside of that as well, including such things as The Coldfire Trilogy (Action & Adventure Fantasy) by C.S. Friedman, The Wayfarer Redemption (Romantic High Fantasy) series, Harry Potter, and more – so apparently I still like Fantasy too!

I’ve called Illinois home for more than a decade, though I grew up in New England; spending some time in Georgia and Michigan in between. Northern Europe and the Pacific Northwest hold my heart, and my wanderlust is incredibly strong. I love adventure, seeing new places, and meeting new people.

Welcome to my latest adventure with Fangs & Femmes! I hope you enjoy and find my reviews useful!