Applied Electromagnetism – Suzannah Nix

© Suzannah Nix

My Brief Synopsis:
Olivia Woerner feels invisible. At only 5 foot 3 and one of the only women at her company (or in her field even), she’s oven overlooked, literally and figuratively. Even growing up she disappeared between her athletic brother and genius sister.

She tries hard at her job, hiding her sarcastic tendencies in favor of coming across as agreeable and nice. That choice bites her when she finally works up the courage to ask Adam Cortinas, the drop-dead gorgeous guy outside her team, for a reference… and he refuses. Olivia’s long-standing crush on Adam is shattered when he callously makes it clear he doesn’t think she’s capable of a leadership position, and she realizes he can’t stand her.

The problem? In order to bring a newly acquired plant online within the insanely short timeline the CIO has created, Olivia and Adam must travel to Texas together and make it happen. Absolutely everything that can go wrong does go wrong and Olivia finds herself in the middle of nowhere with Adam invading both her personal space and her mind.

Can they manage to work around their mutual hatred of each other to bring this plant online and save their hides? And can they survive all the situations they’re thrust into that would give their HR department a heart attack? Or will everything irreparably fall apart around them?

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PREVIEW: Applied Electromagnetism – Suzannah Nix

What is it?
Applied Electromagnetism is book 4 in Suzannah Nix’ Chemistry Lessons series

Release Date:
July 2, 2019

What you need to know:
Guess what’s coming out soon! That’s right – Applied Electromagnetism by Suzannah Nix!

After reading Remedial Rocket Science, I jumped at the chance of getting to read and review the newest installment of the series (a set of standalone rom-coms involving women in STEM). Read the synopsis and a short except below, then mark your calendars for the release date! My review will be out this week and I will release a longer except closer to release day!

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Shiftless – Aimee Easterling

© Aimee Easterling

My Brief Synopsis:
# of Pages (per Amazon): 185

Terra is a werewolf. Sort of.

After fleeing her pack, and abusive tyrannical father, a decade ago, Terra put her wolf in a cage deep in her mind and has not let her out since. As she says in the book, she is “packless by choice.”

Then a chance meeting in a bookstore changes everything for her when she catches the eye of an alpha, in wolf form, and his beta. Despite his initial attempt to talk to her, she flees back to her remote forest cabin, seemingly because she is not chained to the command of an alpha that isn’t hers.

The problem? While on a job for the forest service she works for, her father and bunch of his goons catch up to her – and he wants something. An heir. As it turns out, Terra’s half-brother is a “halfie” and incapable of changing, making him worth nothing to their father who needs a strong male heir who can shift.

Her choices?
1) Return home, marry a man of her father’s choosing, and produce a male heir he will form into another version of himself.
2) Teach the nephew neither of them have ever met how to shift, then deliver him to the pack to be taught the ways of the pack.

Despite being the son of her older sister, who passed away years ago, Terra expects him to be just like his grandfather and every other alpha-like male in their pack. Terrifying, threatening, and all other kinds of terrible. Her first problem? He’s not. Keith is a sweet kid. Her second problem? There’s another alpha standing in her way.

Can Terra bring herself to deliver her nephew to her father and save her hard-earned freedom? Can she resist the alpha who seems to break every alpha trait she’s ever known? Can she decide what she wants and follow through on it before it’s too late – for everyone?

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The Ghost and the Graveyard – Genevieve Jack

© Genevieve Jack

My Brief Synopsis:
Grateful Knight is betting it all on a fresh start – one she doesn’t really have a choice about. Left utterly destitute by her most recent failed relationship, she’s left with the choice of declaring bankruptcy or taking free rent in a house in the middle of nowhere that her realtor father cannot seem to sell, she chooses the latter. She always does the most responsible thing she can.

And that’s about to bite her in the ass.

Pulling into a town of 200, now 201, Grateful nearly crashes her Jeep at the sight of the local graveyard’s caretaker as a crazy daydream takes over out of nowhere. Determined to avoid men until she’s back on her feet, Grateful tries to keep her distance from the super hot (cover model level) Rick, but the very first night he shows up at her door with a stinking bouquet, she can’t seem to keep her hands, or lips, off of him.

The house has secrets, and those secrets want Graceful to learn them. When an angry ghost comes flying at her screaming for her to get out, Grateful flees to the only other person she knows, Rick, but what she sees there is too much for her brain to handle and she passes out cold.

Forced to believe in the unbelievable, face a relationship with a man she doesn’t know but who has known her for lifetimes, and possibly accept a title she isn’t sure she wants, Grateful’s strength, sense of self, and responsible nature will all be put to the test.

As she tries to grasp everything around her, will the secrets and truths be too much for her to handle? Can she accept all of it, or will she turn her back and leave Red Grove, NH all together?

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Blood & Holy Water – Joynell Schultz

© Joynell Schultz

My Brief Synopsis:
Meet Fin – probably the world’s most unusual vampire.

He is trying to atone for committing the most heinous act of killing his wife over 20 years ago by working in the one place it would seem a vampire should never be: A busy ER.

There are two things he needs to avoid at all costs to maintain his life of solitude: Angels and other Vampires. When both show up in his ER looking for him, Fin assumes they are both trying to hunt him down to finally make him pay for his actions.

Giving in to his fate, Fin demands the angel show itself to him, only to discover she is a beautiful, but wingless, creature. Ava arrives in a blaze of light, claiming not only is she not there to damn him, but that he is going to lead her to her miracle. Even crazier, the Vampires are not looking to destroy him either. In fact, they need his help as a medical professional.

The problem is, neither of them give him much choice when it comes to assisting them, so when the most important person in his life disappears, Fin has to trust two of the most unlikely people to help him solve the mystery before it’s too late.

Is it really possible for a doomed vampire to have it all? A carrier, people who care about him, and, most surprising of all, a second chance at love?

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Switching Hour – Robyn Peterman


© Robyn Peterman

My Brief Synopsis:
Zelda is a witch with a problem.  She just finished a stint in magical prison for killing her familiar by “accidentally” running him over with her car… three times.  As she and her cellmate prepare to join the free world again, ancient and insanely powerful Baba Yaga appears with missions they have to complete if they don’t want to become mortal come All Hallows Eve.

The problem? Well, there’s more than one…
The only direction Zelda receives is to go to her recently deceased aunt’s house.
Said house is in “Asscrack, West Virginia.”
An aunt she didn’t even know she had and was apparently killed “violently.”
Her mission would take place there, but she was never told what she had to do to pass.

Now stuck in a beautiful old Victorian house, alone with her revived familiar, Zelda finds herself inundated with injured animals who turn it to be shifters, including one sexy-as-hell wolf alpha.

Can Zelda figure out and complete her task in time or will Baba Yaga follow through on her threat?
Can she open her heart to the people in this small town who need her so desperately, or will her past keep her heart locked up tight?

Can she even keep herself alive to try?

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Love & Ghosts – Carrie Pulkinen


© Carrie Pulkinen

My Brief Synopsis:
Set in The Big Easy, Love & Ghosts draws you in from the start with the wonderfully blunt Trish questioning her best friend, lead female Emily, about  a possible one night stand as they’re heading into a masquerade ball. The conversation that followed set up an interesting and painful backstory that plays a major role throughout the rest of the book.  Trish proves herself once again by forcing Emily to open up to life a little with a fun and steamy dare.

Enter Sean.  As the Dread Pirate Roberts no less (because who doesn’t want him?).  He’s rich, he loves his Momma, and he’s hot as hell.  Oh, and he can see and communicate with ghosts; owning and operating the most popular haunted tour company in New Orleans.

When Emily is the only person to realize Sean isn’t Zorro, they start dancing in more ways than one.  Sparks become fireworks, but she refuses to tie herself to the first man she meets in her new home city.  However, she and Sean keep running into each other and eventually one thing leads to another until their opposing opinions on the paranormal threaten to tear them apart.

Can Sean and Emily come to an understanding before her disbelief is their downfall?

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And So It Begins…

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This is a book review blog, where I will mostly review Paranormal Romance books (otherwise known as PNR); however, I will sometimes review not only other sub-genres of romance, but other genres as well – provided they have something unique and different about them.  Hence – it has to have bite!

I’ve been an avid reader my whole life and have dabbled in writing as well.  I have been non-professionally reviewing books for well over a decade, but have decided to start putting reviews together in one place.

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