There’s a difference between editing and proofreading. Let’s start by discussing the difference so you will understand what service you are looking to get.

It’s important to note – make sure you give your editor and proofreader plenty of time to complete their work to get the best results possible!

What is editing?

Editing is a comprehensive service that is the first series of steps following the completion of your writing. The first round of editing should always be done by you, because you know the point you’re trying to convey more than anyone, and the more coherent your piece is when submitted to your editor, the sooner you’ll be able to get it back from them.

While editing does include proofreading, it also looks at improving language, grammar, sentence structure and word usage, and making sure your ideas are expressed well.

What is proofreading?

A final proofread, done by someone who is not your editor, is a great ideas as can catch things missed throughout the process. As the writer, you know what you’re trying to say and your eyes can overlook missing words, your brain filling them in where they don’t exist. Similarly, your editor can read your piece so many times that eventually they can also miss a mistake. It’s only human!

That’s why proofreading is important. A proofreader reads through your piece as a last stop before it goes out to the world, catching typos, missed or wrong word choices, and punctuation issues. Editing and proofreading can be the difference between a good review and one saying “too many editing errors to continue reading.” I, personally, have taken stars off reviews

What do I offer?

Currently, I only offer proofreading services. I would like to add editing in the future, but that is not something I am currently set up to do. I have read for multiple authors who have put their books through professional editing and have found mistakes that needed addressing. One author even told me the book had been through 3 rounds of editing before I read it.

You can send either a PDF or mobi file for me to read. If you send a mobi file, please wait for confirmation from me before sending your file. I will keep information on changes that need to be made which will be provided to you at the end. The final decision of whether or not to make the changes is yours.

Pricing & Turnaround

Right now I’m offering an introductory price of $0.01 per word, with a $5.00 minimum.

Turnaround time depends on word count, however, please allow up to the following time frames (times are in business days):

# WordsUp to
<1,0001 day
1,000 – 20,0003 days
20,001 – 50,0007 days
50,001 – 80,00010 days
>80,00020 days

Payment Options

I will invoice you via PayPal. Please submit your email when sending an inquiry!

Contact Me

If you are interested in proofreading services, or have any questions, please contact me!