A Lair’s Promise (Highland Heartbeats #1) – Aileen Adams

© Aileen Adams

Historical Romance, Scottish Historical Romance, Clean/Sweet Romance

Author Blurb:
# of Pages (per Amazon): 245

Some promises are hard to keep…
Phillip promised he’d let her go home. He promised, after she completed her task, she’d be free. He didn’t promise her that he wouldn’t capture her heart before he released her.

For Sarah, captive of the Highland laird, that these promises are kept is paramount.
Phillip never expected to fall in love with the woman who was supposed to save his brother’s life. He also never expected to break a promise. But some promises are hard to keep, especially when he finds out the secrets she’s keeping.

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The Princess – Claire Delacroix

Cover of Claire Delacroix' book The Princess.  A sword comes out of the ground behind the author's name with a river, a castle, and a purple sky are in the background.
© Claire Delacroix

My Brief Synopsis:
# of Pages (per Amazon): 352

October 1171
Castle Tullymullagh, Ireland
Brianna’s world is crashing around her.

Rumor’s are running rampant around the castle that Connor, Brianna’s father, considered a king in his own right, has lost the battle. The eerie silence filling the castle has her running for the Great Hall to find out for herself just what is going on, forgetting all proprieties to which she would normally follow; her blonde hair flying and clingy fitted dress forgotten in her panic.

As she surveys the scene in front of her all her worst nightmares are coming true. Fighting to look past the leering looks of the soldiers filling her home, she sees her father on his knees in front of a man she does not recognize. He turns out to be the foreign English King Henry II, he decrees Brianna should marry one of the sons of Gavin Fitzgavin, the mercenary who defeated her father.

Determined to only wed for love, Brianna tries to outwit the king and mercenary by sending his sons on a quest: the man who can return with a gift that makes her laugh will win her hand. Thus begins The Bride Quest. Two of the brothers, Rowan and Burke (the intended husband-to-be) both depart immediately, but eldest son Luc refuses to participate.

In her attempts to persuade him to withdraw his refusal so he will leave her home, Brianna awakens both his forgotten senses as well as her innocent ones. Tending to forgotten gardens and hoping to win the seal to his childhood home, Luc’s unassuming ways begin to win over everyone living there, other than his own father of course.

Though Luc, a former knight himself, has sworn to lay down his sword forever, only he stands between Brianna, Connor (a man who redefines Luc’s definition of the word “father”), and a threat to not only the castle but all their lives as well.

Can Luc save them all before it’s too late, and who will win the spunky beauty’s hand?

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