Fledgling – Natasha Brown

© Natasha Brown

My Brief Synopsis:
# of Pages (per Amazon): 244

Ana is about to start at a new school after moving from Colorado to Idaho, and she’s determined to not let anyone there know about her worsening heart condition. Despite her purple tinged lips, lack of stamina, and attempt to blend into the background, she catches the attention of Chance Morgan.

The two become inseparable despite both initially believing dating would be nothing more than a hassle they can’t afford right now. They both take solace in nature as well as each other. However, Ana soon begins to question if Chance is hiding something, and his grandfather’s curious obsession with her Thunderbird necklace is unnerving. Similarly, Chance knows Ana is hiding something from him, though he believes it can’t be worse than his own secret.

Each of their truths may be more than the other can handle, if Ana’s heart doesn’t give out on her first.

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Meet Your Blogger! Questions & Answers with Eryn

We’re 10 posts in already if you’ll believe it, and it’s non-review week, so I thought this was a great chance to get to know me a little better. I’ve always loved a good interview or answering those fun question thingies that go around (have you ever been in an ambulance, how many tattoos do you have, etc), so it seems only natural to do a Q&A.

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